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90 Years memory of Asia Minor. Exhibition Catalogue (Pub. Io. Eliades, Ch. Chotzakoglou) Lefkosia 2012 (in Greek), p. 192, with approx. 500 colored photos, ISBN: 978-9963-2842-1-4
This catalogue accompanied the namesake exhibition, which was organized and published by the Cyprus Asia Minor Association and hosted in the Byzantine Museum of the Makarios III Foundation in Lefkosia, Cyprus.
The sumptuous, illustrated edition contains two introductory texts right after the Salutations (p. 13-18). A brief historical retrospect in the relations between Asia Minor and Cyprus, is documented in the first text (Ch. Chotzakoglou, p. 20-25), while at the second, the post-byzantine painting in Asia Minor is analyzed with the relevant bibliographical documentation (Io. Eliades, p. 27-39).
The Catalogue of the exhibits is divided into six sections. Every subsection begins with an introductory note followed by brief presentation. The subsections refer to Asia Minor through engravings and maps before 1922 (Io. Eliades, p. 40-71), the Asia Minor campaign and the destruction of Smyrna (Io. Eliades, p. 72-77), prominent personalities from Asia Minor, (Io. Eliades, p.78-93), religious artifacts (Ch. Chotzakoglou, p. 94-113), documents (Io. Eliades, p. 114-151) and items of everyday use (Ch. Chotzakoglou, p. 142-189).
This edition constitutes the first publication associated with Asia Minor artifacts in Cyprus, where a great number of objects was collected and documents vividly the nearly unknown chapter of the arrival and settlement of the Greeks of Asia Minor in Cyprus.
The Catalogue can be ordered by the Society of Cypriot Studies in Lefkosia (tel. (00357) 22 432.758, cypriotstudies@gmail.com), the Cyprus Asia Minor Association (tel. (00357) 25 365.928) and selected bookstores.