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Permanent and temporary exhibitions

1. Exhibition of silks and other items on the ground floor from the previous Exhibition of Silks.

2. Re-organisation of exhibits on the ground floor, with ceramics, basket-weaving and weaving with the loom.


3. Re-exhibition of the door of Saint Mamas Church in Dali village. The owl made a great impression on the Nobel prize-winning poet George Seferis when he visited the church during his first voyage to Cyprus in 1953. The little owl of Saint Mamas was included in his poem “Details in Cyprus”, which he dedicated to his friend the painter Adiamantios Diamanti, who was among the pioneering founders of the Cyprus Folk Art Museum and its first Director until 1994.




4.   Exhibition of old carved wooden chests in the room of the old Library.



5. Housing of the temporary photographic exhibition “Christian monuments in Turkish-occupied Cyprus: Scenes and acts of on-going destruction” by the Museum of Kykkos Monastery.